Our Team

We are committed to open, honest collaboration with our clients and communities

Angie Campbell

La Crosse, WI
608.793.3140 | Email Me


Lance Campbell, CPA

Rochester, MN
507.252.6674 | Email Me


Matthew Eckelberg, CPA

Marshfield, WI
715.384.1995 | Email Me

Jeff Danen-Web

Jeff Danen, CPA, CVA

Green Bay, WI
920.337.4546 | Email Me


Jeff Dvorachek, CPA

Manitowoc, WI
920.684.2545 | Email Me


Monica Hauser, CPA

La Crosse, WI
608.793.3142 | Email Me

Sandy Jensen

Sandy Jensen, CPA

La Crosse, WI
608.793.3126 | Email Me


Randy Juedes, CPA

Medford, WI
715.748.1346 | Email Me

Greg Kenworthy-web

Greg Kenworthy, CPA

La Crosse, WI
608.793.3141 | Email Me


Jay Kramer, CPA, MST

Green Bay, WI
920.337.4551 | Email Me

Abe Leis

Abe Leis,  CPA

La Crosse, WI
608.793.3131 | Email Me


Randall “Randy” Miller, CPA

Manitowoc, WI
920.684.2541 | Email Me


Corwin Osterloh, CPA

Winona, MN
507.453.5960 | Email Me


Steve Overly, CPA, CVA (Emeritus)

Green Bay, WI
920.337.4525 | Email Me

Art Raak-web

Arthur Raak, CPA

Rochester, MN
507.252.6670 | Email Me


Doug Wendlandt, CPA

Marshfield, WI
715.384.1971 | Email Me

Credit Union Services
Jeff Danen, CPA 920.337.4546

Employee Benefit Plan Services
Randy Juedes, CPA 715.748.1346

Governmental Services
Kevin Behnke, CPA 920.684.2542

Housing/ Fee Accounting Services
Angie Campbell608.793.3140

Nonprofit Services
Sandy Jensen, CPA 608.793.3126

Director of Accounting Services
Monica Hauser, CPA 608.793.3142

Director of Accounting and Auditing
Joe Haas, CPA 608.793.3158

Information Technology Manager
Bob Spencer,  608.793.3111

Director of Firm Accounting/CFO
Ben Miller, CPA 608.793.3109

Director of Tax
Jeff Dvorachek, CPA 920.684.2545

Human Resources Manager
Rebecca Hughes 608.793.3104

Marketing Manager
Corenne Gutierrez 920.337.4544

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T: 800.658.9077
E: info@hawkinsashcpas.com